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Instructions for Making Grilled Squid With Salt and Pepper

Grilled Shrimp with Salt and Peppers

Health Benefits of Squid Squid contains many compounds such as melanin, enzymes, polysaccharides,… metals such as cadmium, lead and copper as well as amino acids, fats,… Since ancient times, squid has been used in many different fields such as traditional medicine, writing, art, and food. With delicious taste, squid is used to process many different […]

How to Make Fragrant Beef Roll With Guise Leaves

Beef Roll With Guise Leaves

Beef roll with guise leaves is both simple and extremely attractive, dipping with salty, sweet, sour and spicy sauce is delicious. Ingredients: 700g minced beef 300 gr of meat + minced pork fat (for the fat to roll beef lolot leaves is not dry, meat is softer and tastier) Minced lemongrass 2 teaspoons Lot leaves […]

Grilled Beef With Guised Leaves

grilled beef with guised leaves

Grilled beef with guise leaves is an extremely famous street snack that many of us are sure to have tried. Compared to the shops selling delicious “crazy” beef rolls outside the store, you can also prepare this delicious dish at home. Grilled beef with guise leaves has an important note in choosing the main ingredients […]

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