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Snail Hotpot With Fresh Coconut Water

Snail hot pot

Ingredients: 2kg snails Fresh coconut water Guava leaves, lemongrass Instructions: Step 1: Prepare Ingredients When buying, you clean, wash and leave the shell intact. Wash guava leaves. Lemongrass is washed and cut into pieces. Step 2: Cook Snail Hotpot With Coconut Water You put guava leaves and lemongrass cut into the bottom of the pot, […]

Vegetarian Spring Roll Vermicelli

Vegetarian Spring Roll Vermicelli

Vegetarian spring roll vermicelli is very tasty and healthy. This is also a dish used to change the taste for family meals when tired of protein-rich foods. Tofu pieces: 200 gr Peeled green beans 100 gr Carrot: 1/2 Mushrooms: 5 gr 2 stacks of rice paper Fresh vermicelli: 1 kg Vegetable prices Roasted peanut Seasoning: […]

Instructions for Cooking Delicious Seafood Porridge

Seafood Porridge

How to cook seafood porridge requires ingenuity in each operation to ensure delicious and nutritious porridge. The simple porridge recipe below will also help you know how to prepare the ingredients to avoid the finished product having an unpleasant fishy smell. Ingredients: 200g fresh squid 200g fresh shrimp 1 carrot 1 potato 1 handful of […]

The Secret to Making Snail Steamed with Ginger Delicious and Nutritious

Snail Steam with Ginger

Ingredients: 1 kg of snails 1 young ginger 1 horn chili 2 fresh lemongrass plants 2 kumquats (kumquats) seasoning: salt, white sugar, ground pepper, monosodium glutamate, delicious fish sauce Instructions: Snails soak in water to wash rice for 1-3 hours for the snails to release the mud. Then scrub the outer shell, wash the snails […]